'Stay, stay at home and rest. Homekeeping hearts are happiest.' ~ Author Unknown.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I begged my missionary son to send a photo - any photo - as I wanted to make a post about him. I received this - him doing dishes. I LOVE IT! It made me cry....... I now know how much he has matured because prior to leaving home in September of 2008, he would have never, ever, donned an apron! If Great-Grandma Siebrasse only knew.......

I love you Elder Lindsay!!!!! You make my life smile.......

Monday, May 10, 2010

~ Tis THE phone call, prom, and crafts!

Yes, I received a phone call from Elder Lindsay last night about 6pm. My, how he has matured! I only have about 4 1/2 months before he comes home, and it was very 'bittersweet' to hear his voice. 'Bitter' as that was technically my last phone call while he is out in the mission field before his return home, but 'Sweet' as I miss him so and it is so good to hear his voice. He will be sending some photos home this week, so hopefully I can get them posted.

Also, it was Prom for my daughter, also 'bittersweet' - This is her last high school dance as she is my baby and a senior this year. Again - where does the time go? As a mother, I still can't answer that properly! This was her 'silly' pose from the group she went with:

And what do we have here? I helped our own missionaries, Elder Watson and Elder Martinez create something for their Mother's Day gifts to be mailed this afternoon. They worked diligently on them...... tiles with vinyl sayings. Elder Martinez said they were 'stressful' while Elder Watson said 'this is gonna kill me.' Guess missionaries are not cut out for crafts!!!!

The missionaries worked on these early during my 'Finish It Friday Night'. For those of you who don't know, I have a finish it project night on the first Friday of every month. It is potluck, from 6 'til midnight, and you bring something to work on. We have everything from cards, scrapbooking, quilting, painting, coupon clipping, knitting, punchneedle, cross stitching, sewing, and the list goes on and on. I have held this faithfully in my home for nigh unto 2 years now, and if I miss a month, my friends faithfully hold me to having it twice the next month to get 'caught up'! Here is the group hard at work:

I couldn't even get the missionaries to look up for the camera - they were dead serious at their 'craft'. It is all really fun!

Gotta dash - time to get these 'crafts' in the mail. Mom Martinez and Mom Watson - look for something coming to a mailbox near you!

Blessings on your day - Shanda