'Stay, stay at home and rest. Homekeeping hearts are happiest.' ~ Author Unknown.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

~ A Source for Primitive Colonial Inspiration! ~

"Stay. Stay at home and rest. Home keeping hearts are happiest."

The summer is over. I beheld my first leaves falling from our trees. Harvesting is in full swing in our home. I am aching to decorate and 'stir the nest'. Sound familiar? My husband went back to school (he is a teacher) last Friday, and my daughter starts Monday. This 'back to school' season truly is the beginning of the Lindsay's New Year. We revolve on a school year more than a calendar year, and that is okay with me. I am a fall and winter person to the very core of my being.

Warning - picture heavy post this morning. I promised eye candy decorating ideas and my firkin makeover. So here goes!

These books that I stumbled across several years ago truly are my decorating authorities. Many of you may have them, some may not even know about them, but all of you I think would LOVE them. They are located at http://www.marshhomesteadantiques.com/ and I believe they are advertised in Country Sampler as well. Pages and pages of photos, NO ADVERTISING, and great photo shoots are the perks of these books. The only downfall they would have is they are a little on the pricy side, although if you consider the cost to be a years subscribtion to a magazine and there are way more photos and ideas, then they are worth it. The early books have a few lesser quality photos, but overall, they have a rating of 9 out of 10 for me. Enjoy a preview:

Right now there are about eight of them out, which I only have 6 pictured here. They really are good inspirational decorating books.

And now the good news! My firkin is done, my one and only firkin! Being out in the West, these jewels are really hard to come by! I really struggled with the stressing of this one, but I hope to find more and refinish them in many colors, so this one I learned a lot on, and I love the way it turned out.

And after:

Hope you all are enjoying your last of the summer rites and are participating in the harvest around your area. The bounties are many, and we should not let anything go to waste. Blessings on your work this day and small simplicities be yours!


Monday, August 17, 2009

~ Twas a new Thrift Store I found! ~

I went 'thrifting' last Friday and spent a whopping $4.23. I was on my way out to a quilting group work night when I happened upon a new TS! Lucky day for me. Easy to get in and out of and the re-do's were even easier. I found the little resin salt box house lamp and firkin first. The lamp just needed a shade which I already had at home, and the firkin in going to be a gorgeous antique blue. This is the first firkin I own! I already have the base coat on it, but the finished photo will be next post. I put the lamp in my quilting studio with some of my other 'houses'. I have always loved salt box houses!

I next clamped my eyes onto this gem - like I really need another lamp - but I do need something for the top of my husband's dresser. I was so excited! I have seen these for between 39.95 to 89.95, and I picked mine up for $1.00! It did need some spray paint as the back side had been painted with little streaks of fingernail polish, of all things. I bet some little girl got a hold of mom's polish and went to town when mom wasn't looking. Uh oh! Before:

and after:

The last thing I found just before proceeding to the check out register was this cool old book, published in 1972 on the historical places in America. The photos and history, along with TONS of inspirational photos, are wonderful!

And lastly, not necessarily on a thrifting note, but the upholstery has been chosen for my $17 settee. What do you think? Good choice or no?

I need to be getting back to work - quilting for a customer today. But in closing, check back in my next post for some REAL eye candy books for afternoon reading. Many of you probably have some of these, but these books have become 'set in stone' decorating for me. More later. Until then -

Blessings on your Day,


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~Legally, we are 'EMPTY NESTERS'!


I don't know how I managed to get my only two childrens birthday's so close together, but nonetheless, today, 18 years ago, we welcomed Sarah, our daughter into our hearts and our home. She has one more year of school left, but legally we can say with heavy hearts that we are empty nesters. How sad. This day came so fast!!!!! Sarah is our outdoor child who loves to ride motorcycles:

Absolutely ADORES glitter, as evidenced by this banner she made for her marching band:

Enjoys working on cars with her dad, especially when it is her own ride:

And she loves to smile:

She has grown into quite the young woman. We love you Sarah, and please don't move out TOO soon!



Monday, August 3, 2009

~Tis a Monday FULL of Makeovers.......~

When it is 100 plus degrees outside, your husband is gone for the weekend, and you have free time, what is one thing the tough can get going on? MAKEOVERS!!!!! Lots of photos here, so Ready, Set, GO!

This 50 cent goodie:

became this:

I know I need to decorate more around it, but or the sake of getting photos published, some of these makeovers were thrown into place somewhere. I am actually getting antsy to do some Fall decorating, but need to hold my horses some, so there will be lots of tweaking going on later. The next two photos are math equations; no calculators needed.

This ugly $1 bench:

plus this REALLY ugly $1 bench:


I am gonna use the small one for my harvest table display. The red one was COVERED in shellac so thick my sander wouldn't even cut through it, so it couldn't be distressed, but the red came out okay. It looks more like rust in the photo. Maybe it would be nice as a riser for something. I'll find a proper home for it, even in a bathroom as a magazine rest if need be. The smaller one came out really nice with a distressed mustard finish, the photo didn't come out well. I am working with a 'lesser quality' camera for the time being.

Then I saved the BEST for last.

This $1.29 find:

plus a .79 cent bowl:


I used Yankee Blue by Old Century on the bowl and Thistle on the spoon rack. One of my very favorite stores, and about the only primitive/colonial store for thousands of miles, is called Heritage Reflections. I have seen a set up like this in the store selling for $100-$120. I have less than $15 into mine, and that includes the paint! The bowl is distressed with the original red showing through on the rim and bottom. My daughter liked it bowl side out, not bottom side out like I do, and since she was my stage person for the photo shoot, she won. (I think it might get turned around when school starts, she's less likely to notice then.) I was very happy with how everything turned out.

I still have my pencil post bed to makeover, but that is such a big project that I need to do that in the garage this fall when it isn't quite so hot outside.

On a closing note, have you ever read a novel series that was so powerful that you were moved beyond tears, and more towards action? I started Volume 6 of the Prelude to Glory series last night and I am forever changed. I am falling in love with our nation's early history, and last night I finished reading the powerful account of suffering and sacrifice at Valley Forge. I have been to Valley Forge in Pennsylvania, and what hallowed and holy ground! Reading the historical accounts of what transpired there, I am reminded of what a life of luxury and ease I live! Even possessing something as simple as matches!!!!! I have matches to light my candles, they didn't even have matches to light their fires to keep warm! In tatters, bare feet, and starving, those early patriots gave ALL for my freedom and liberty, so that one day, my husband and I could board an airplane, travel 2300 miles in less than 7 hours, rent an air conditioned car, and drive, not walk, to visit Valley Forge.

Me outside the Visitors Center:

And my husband outside Washington's Headquarters:

I feel at times I am such a spoiled rotten brat! I complain about scrubbing a toilet and these men had to dig their own! What an ungrateful benefactor I am. I am devoted to learning all I can about my country and being a better individual for the sacrifices made on my behalf.

Blessing on your families, work, and choices, and please, please, please, take NOTHING for granted.