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Monday, August 3, 2009

~Tis a Monday FULL of Makeovers.......~

When it is 100 plus degrees outside, your husband is gone for the weekend, and you have free time, what is one thing the tough can get going on? MAKEOVERS!!!!! Lots of photos here, so Ready, Set, GO!

This 50 cent goodie:

became this:

I know I need to decorate more around it, but or the sake of getting photos published, some of these makeovers were thrown into place somewhere. I am actually getting antsy to do some Fall decorating, but need to hold my horses some, so there will be lots of tweaking going on later. The next two photos are math equations; no calculators needed.

This ugly $1 bench:

plus this REALLY ugly $1 bench:


I am gonna use the small one for my harvest table display. The red one was COVERED in shellac so thick my sander wouldn't even cut through it, so it couldn't be distressed, but the red came out okay. It looks more like rust in the photo. Maybe it would be nice as a riser for something. I'll find a proper home for it, even in a bathroom as a magazine rest if need be. The smaller one came out really nice with a distressed mustard finish, the photo didn't come out well. I am working with a 'lesser quality' camera for the time being.

Then I saved the BEST for last.

This $1.29 find:

plus a .79 cent bowl:


I used Yankee Blue by Old Century on the bowl and Thistle on the spoon rack. One of my very favorite stores, and about the only primitive/colonial store for thousands of miles, is called Heritage Reflections. I have seen a set up like this in the store selling for $100-$120. I have less than $15 into mine, and that includes the paint! The bowl is distressed with the original red showing through on the rim and bottom. My daughter liked it bowl side out, not bottom side out like I do, and since she was my stage person for the photo shoot, she won. (I think it might get turned around when school starts, she's less likely to notice then.) I was very happy with how everything turned out.

I still have my pencil post bed to makeover, but that is such a big project that I need to do that in the garage this fall when it isn't quite so hot outside.

On a closing note, have you ever read a novel series that was so powerful that you were moved beyond tears, and more towards action? I started Volume 6 of the Prelude to Glory series last night and I am forever changed. I am falling in love with our nation's early history, and last night I finished reading the powerful account of suffering and sacrifice at Valley Forge. I have been to Valley Forge in Pennsylvania, and what hallowed and holy ground! Reading the historical accounts of what transpired there, I am reminded of what a life of luxury and ease I live! Even possessing something as simple as matches!!!!! I have matches to light my candles, they didn't even have matches to light their fires to keep warm! In tatters, bare feet, and starving, those early patriots gave ALL for my freedom and liberty, so that one day, my husband and I could board an airplane, travel 2300 miles in less than 7 hours, rent an air conditioned car, and drive, not walk, to visit Valley Forge.

Me outside the Visitors Center:

And my husband outside Washington's Headquarters:

I feel at times I am such a spoiled rotten brat! I complain about scrubbing a toilet and these men had to dig their own! What an ungrateful benefactor I am. I am devoted to learning all I can about my country and being a better individual for the sacrifices made on my behalf.

Blessing on your families, work, and choices, and please, please, please, take NOTHING for granted.



basketsnprims said...

Love, love love your makeovers & for so cheap. Love the color of your bowl & spoon rack. Great job. I feel the same way about our country & I'm so grateful to the early patriots and settlers.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Wow, what makeovers, I found one at GW yesterday but it had a heart cutout on it and was just to ornate so I passed on it. I'm loving yours thought and your bowl.

Are the books your reading in a library? Or bookstore? I love history and love to read:0

Janene said...

The book series sounds so interesting... I think I would love those too!
And the makeovers are FANTASTIC!!!
especially the spoon holder/bowl holder...the colors you chose are perfection!
Have a great week!

Lisa said...

Everything looks AMAZING!! Fantastic makeovers. I love the spoon holder especially.

Mercy Ottis/The Stone House said...

love love LOVE your makeovers! (besides the bed we still have to see the loveseat/settle...) :-) I haven't read the books, but I've looked at them a time or two. I'll have to check them out. (cd's would be great and I know they come that way....then they can go on my ipod) I love AMERICAN HISTORY. And you're right, we are all spoiled! I just PRAY our nation will remember it's God, and the part he plays in our freedoms. Great post! Enjoy the rest of your summer! ♥

Cathi said...

I grew up 15 minutes from Valley Forge. At the time I just didn't appreciate the history that the whole area had. Now that I am a big American History/Revolutionary period lover, and living 450 miles away, I wish I had paid more attention.

Love the finishes. Our Goodwill isn't very good, almost all clothes.

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Great makeovers, love the spoon rack, I bought one last week for $1.50 that i am making over to sell.

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Great re-dos!!

ctrwisely said...

Wow, you and your family hasn't changed much with the exception of Sarah! She sure has grown into a beautiful young woman!