'Stay, stay at home and rest. Homekeeping hearts are happiest.' ~ Author Unknown.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

~Tis a Thankful Time~

 The Squire and I recently took a much needed weekend jaunt to the mountains of Idaho for some family time.  I grew up in the Central Mountains of Idaho, very near the Continental Divide.  I forget how breath taking the mountains are!
  Mother and I aired out the quilts from the cabin:
 And during a Saturday afternoon drive with Mr. Squire, we ran into these magnificent and beautiful creatures:
And of course we had lots of granddaughter time at the cabin.  This red and white sweater was made for her uncle 25 years ago, and I brought it out of the cedar chest to keep Little Miss warm.
She was always up for anyone to give her a ride in the lawn wagon and she was a complete joy.  These times are what make life worth it.  We visited with neighbors, did some work to get ready for winter, and took country walks down the lane and down to the creek.  I did plenty of staring at the mountains, and slept so deep with the mountain air so fresh.  Yes, these family spent times are what makes life all worth it!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

In the Fall, Every Woman deserves.......

  ...........A NEW IRONING BOARD COVER!!!!!!!!

My ironing board was YUCK!  Full of starch burns, worn fabric down to the padding, and just full of YUCK!
 So this morning, I worked for 45 minutes, and I am now in love again!
I had this really cute fabric in my stash that was full of company names of quilt fabric designers.  I know it is a Moda fabric, but have had it for quite a while, so I don't remember exactly where I bought it. 
Between laundry loads and pondering what I was going to fix for dinner, I am a happy camper. Every woman deserves to have a new ironing board cover.  Something I should have done months ago!


Enjoy a Simple Pleasure today!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life in the "Slow Vehicle Turnout" Lane?

My dear hubby (sometimes I call him 'The Squire') and I went for a drive in the Idaho mountains recently and just out side of Boise there are these signs that just crack me up!  The 'slow vehicle turnout lane' lasts about a half a mile, then merges again with regular traffic.  These lanes are to encourage those folks who want to drive a bit slower and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL scenery to pull over and let the speed demons wiz around them and speed on their merry way.  You would think after living in Idaho most of my life and seeing these signs I would become accustomed to them, but they make me chuckle everytime I see one.  On this particular drive, we utilized one of the 'slow turnout lanes' and caught some beautiful sights.  Maybe symbolically in my life I need to ALWAYS slow down and be living in the 'slow vehicle turnout lane.'  You get to experience so much more that way.  I would quite like it - and in many ways I have slowed down a bit and started to really enjoy things.  I vowed on this trip to do that ......... just slow life down another couple of paces.  Beautiful Payette River, huh?

When we reached our destination of Warren, Idaho, Population 8, (yes, EIGHT), and literally 50 miles from ANYTHING, I had an encountered with this sign:

I decided my life is great - I will stick with living my life in the "Slow Vehicle Turnout Lane" and be very content.  Warren, Idaho, was a bit too slow for me.  Beautiful wild flowers, but not enough quilt stores!

Slow Down!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

~Tis an Eternal Truth!~

Can you imagine a world with no October? Blaspheme!

I am getting ready for October... I am digging out my sweaters... knitting a new shawl... and decorating our home with bittersweet and pumpkins.  I am having my herbal maple apple cider tea every night while reading Susan Branch's new book "A Fine Romance" - an absolute beautifully done book which REEKS with charm!  I hope you are planning your fall days and looking forward to October.  Here are a few ideas:

~embroider a new flour sack dish cloth with a pumpkin on it.
~find and make a new pumpkin dessert recipe.
~take a afternoon walk amongst the falling leaves.
~pack a picnic lunch for a loved one and go to the park wearing a cozy sweater.
~finish that Autumn colored/themed quilt you started long ago!
~October 1st I declare to be 'homemade crock pot soup for dinner' day!
~Watch and cheer on that favorite football team!

Go on - have a perfect fall day, and Blessings to you for your efforts to enjoy it!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Quilting, Still Lifes, and Homemade Vanilla?

Getting the "Finish It" Bug and quilting some old projects..........

And why am I saving quaint little scraps? Let's get them made into something.....

Pumpkins are coming out of hiding...........

And the best for last........ fall baking with some homemade vanilla made by my FA (favorite aunt)!

What are your simple pleasures this fine day?



Friday, August 16, 2013

'Tis My Kind of Antique Early Day Engine!

Amongst the shades trees of the Western Idaho State Fair, across from the Pronto Pup Stand, near the 4-H Poultry Barn, and from within the Exposition Building, you can hear the distinct rumbles and pops of early day gas and steam engines.  Simple early day machines that used to power our country before cell phones, iPods, microwaves, self cleaning ovens, internet, and Facebook.  Bless my dear husbands heart, he hauled his 1907, Type Y, 20 HP, 3 Ton Fairbanks Morse Engine to the fair this year for a 10 day show with the early day gas engine club we belong to...... and I quilted a quilt to be raffled off for the Club.  He is WORSE than a kid in a candy shop!



Friday, August 9, 2013

Comfort Zones!

 Where is your comfort zone?   Mine is at home.  We sold our big home on an acre a year ago and have been so many places emotionally!  We are content with our decision and while it was not a distressed sale or any kind of financial crisis, we wanted to downsize and DOWNSIZING is HARD!  We don't miss our big house, we feel we have done the right thing, but letting go of some of our STUFF is very difficult.  But I must say, it is very therapeutic and I am in a much better place emotionally and spiritually.  Homes are so materialistic, but BEING at home is soul satisfying, nourishing, and very calming. 

I am getting ready for Fall.  I will post more photos next post, but for now I am finishing some quilts.  My Gammill Longarm Quilting Machine has been down for almost a year and I have missed it.  My dear husband moved it and has set it up and I am getting some things cleaned out and finished!  Whahoo!  I am ashamed to say that when we were packing up the big house, I packed up my fabric stash and I organized the fabric by color.... um.....I have 17 PAPER REAM BOXES full of fabric!  That is next to sinful and am working on service projects to use this fabric up.  I have lots of Moda, so if you are needing something from a certain line of fabric, good chances are that I might have it!  Cross-stitch, needle punch, embroidery, quilting kits, and unfinished projects of all shapes and sizes are getting a good going through and finished.  Feels great!

Our son is flying to Ft. Benning, Georgia on Monday for 10 weeks of boot camp, then on to Texas for 19 weeks of medical training.  He will be gone for so long.  He is nervous and I am trying to spend as much time with him as I can.  I can honestly say, that during this past year since selling our home, my relationships with each of our family members has improved 100 fold.  We have seen some heart wrenching things in the news and our family has grown closer.  With our daughter getting married in January and now our son going off to the military, there is alot to be thankful for and we seize each day.  Please hold your family close, and pray for their safety and the safety of our country.  We are headed for some dangerous times as a nation and your FAMILY IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE EVERYTHING!

Blessings on Your Day!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

~Tis My Finished Antique Band 'Miriam Dowd' Sampler~

Good Saturday Morning!
I finished my sampler and took it to the framers this week and just picked it up.  After starting this in 2008, I am so grateful that it is done and ready to hang.  I have no idea where to place it in my home, but I feel quite a few changes in the air to make room for my finish.  Sorry for the sideways photo - I am using a different computer for this post as our Mac is 'incapacitated' for the moment and I can't get this photo to rotate.  UUgghh!
Cleaning house this afternoon and feeling like I would like to plant a few primroses or pansies near my front door for spring.  It is a 'beautiful day in our neighborhood'.  Enjoy your time on this Saturday! 
Blessings on your Day,

Saturday, March 16, 2013

~On Being Quaint.....~

Need I say more?

Downsizing does have its possibilities..........

Blessings on your Day,


Thursday, February 21, 2013

~Tis a WONDERFUL New Colonial Series!~

I can't say enough about this new series and the history I have learned from it!  Cinematography is beautiful, actors/actresses are divine, and I pray for more inteligent programs like this one to come forth.  This is MY 'Downton Abbey!' 

Sorry for the quirkyness of my Blog - been having some technical difficulties with Blogger!  Can I go back to 1776?

Blessings on your day!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

~It Really Happened!~

Our daughter Sarah was married last month!  She was a beautiful bride next to her handsome prince in uniform!  Such a blessing to our family!  And with her and Emma moved out of the house, I am able to work on  a few unfinished projects like this one........

I'll have a 'photo finish' next time!