'Stay, stay at home and rest. Homekeeping hearts are happiest.' ~ Author Unknown.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Comfort Zones!

 Where is your comfort zone?   Mine is at home.  We sold our big home on an acre a year ago and have been so many places emotionally!  We are content with our decision and while it was not a distressed sale or any kind of financial crisis, we wanted to downsize and DOWNSIZING is HARD!  We don't miss our big house, we feel we have done the right thing, but letting go of some of our STUFF is very difficult.  But I must say, it is very therapeutic and I am in a much better place emotionally and spiritually.  Homes are so materialistic, but BEING at home is soul satisfying, nourishing, and very calming. 

I am getting ready for Fall.  I will post more photos next post, but for now I am finishing some quilts.  My Gammill Longarm Quilting Machine has been down for almost a year and I have missed it.  My dear husband moved it and has set it up and I am getting some things cleaned out and finished!  Whahoo!  I am ashamed to say that when we were packing up the big house, I packed up my fabric stash and I organized the fabric by color.... um.....I have 17 PAPER REAM BOXES full of fabric!  That is next to sinful and am working on service projects to use this fabric up.  I have lots of Moda, so if you are needing something from a certain line of fabric, good chances are that I might have it!  Cross-stitch, needle punch, embroidery, quilting kits, and unfinished projects of all shapes and sizes are getting a good going through and finished.  Feels great!

Our son is flying to Ft. Benning, Georgia on Monday for 10 weeks of boot camp, then on to Texas for 19 weeks of medical training.  He will be gone for so long.  He is nervous and I am trying to spend as much time with him as I can.  I can honestly say, that during this past year since selling our home, my relationships with each of our family members has improved 100 fold.  We have seen some heart wrenching things in the news and our family has grown closer.  With our daughter getting married in January and now our son going off to the military, there is alot to be thankful for and we seize each day.  Please hold your family close, and pray for their safety and the safety of our country.  We are headed for some dangerous times as a nation and your FAMILY IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE EVERYTHING!

Blessings on Your Day!


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Deborah said...

It sounds like you've had quite the year! I think this is the stage of life when things change so fast. The kids grow and move forward, I know it was for us. We also sold our big house and bought a smaller one, freeing us to spend more time to focus on what really matters.. Hugs to you my dear friend.