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Friday, August 16, 2013

'Tis My Kind of Antique Early Day Engine!

Amongst the shades trees of the Western Idaho State Fair, across from the Pronto Pup Stand, near the 4-H Poultry Barn, and from within the Exposition Building, you can hear the distinct rumbles and pops of early day gas and steam engines.  Simple early day machines that used to power our country before cell phones, iPods, microwaves, self cleaning ovens, internet, and Facebook.  Bless my dear husbands heart, he hauled his 1907, Type Y, 20 HP, 3 Ton Fairbanks Morse Engine to the fair this year for a 10 day show with the early day gas engine club we belong to...... and I quilted a quilt to be raffled off for the Club.  He is WORSE than a kid in a candy shop!



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Gayle said...

Hi Shanda - Our county fair usually has a display of these great old steam engines too, and it's always got a huge crowd of people gathered around. We went to the demolition derby on Wednesday night, and tonight we're heading to the rodeo - so much fun!