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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life in the "Slow Vehicle Turnout" Lane?

My dear hubby (sometimes I call him 'The Squire') and I went for a drive in the Idaho mountains recently and just out side of Boise there are these signs that just crack me up!  The 'slow vehicle turnout lane' lasts about a half a mile, then merges again with regular traffic.  These lanes are to encourage those folks who want to drive a bit slower and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL scenery to pull over and let the speed demons wiz around them and speed on their merry way.  You would think after living in Idaho most of my life and seeing these signs I would become accustomed to them, but they make me chuckle everytime I see one.  On this particular drive, we utilized one of the 'slow turnout lanes' and caught some beautiful sights.  Maybe symbolically in my life I need to ALWAYS slow down and be living in the 'slow vehicle turnout lane.'  You get to experience so much more that way.  I would quite like it - and in many ways I have slowed down a bit and started to really enjoy things.  I vowed on this trip to do that ......... just slow life down another couple of paces.  Beautiful Payette River, huh?

When we reached our destination of Warren, Idaho, Population 8, (yes, EIGHT), and literally 50 miles from ANYTHING, I had an encountered with this sign:

I decided my life is great - I will stick with living my life in the "Slow Vehicle Turnout Lane" and be very content.  Warren, Idaho, was a bit too slow for me.  Beautiful wild flowers, but not enough quilt stores!

Slow Down!

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Linda said...

Love this post Shanda. Good advise for all of us. Have a good week!