'Stay, stay at home and rest. Homekeeping hearts are happiest.' ~ Author Unknown.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~Tis a Couple of Finishes!~

This past week I am been fairly busy - when am I not busy?  This week it was cherries and the civil war quilt top I needed to have done for a shop model. Those squares are 3 1/2" unfinished.... and there are 350 of them.   I told you I have been busy!  I have also been cleaning my sewing room and hanging up some new colonial tavern curtains.  But truth be told, I am DYING to paint and finish my colonial fowl rack.  Someone somewhere, is saying 'what the heck is a fowl rack?"  Check back next post and see!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~Twas a NICE visit!~

This weekend we had a nice visit from our son who is attending BYU-Idaho and some friends from the great state of Texas!  We had quite the fun time!  Whether sailing, barbecuing, or traveling back across the beautiful state of Idaho, we had a grand time.

No sunburns, but the crew had a 'slow' wind, so it wasn't too exciting for a sailing weekend, but the girls had their first experience steering a sailboat.  Beautiful neighborhood fireworks Monday night, along with a first attempt at our own BBQ pork loin ribs.  Not bad!  Then, Tuesday, driving back to Rexburg, Idaho, we stopped and saw our daughter in Twin Falls.  David and Sarah had a bit of brother/sister time:

And then on to Rexburg, the beautiful new temple:

And then the most amazing stop of the weekend:


This is a frozen yogurt place and the kids introduced me to Dance Central on the XBox 360.  Ummm, ya, no photos of me here, but I got this special, special, video of my son, such a crack up.  This video kept me smiling all the way back across the state on the drive home.  Sorry for the turning sideways, I didn't know my little camera wouldn't show this right side up, but you can get the same laughs I had.  Here goes:

I thought I was going to have an accident right there!  And I laughed for 4 hours driving home.  I never thought he could make me laugh so hard.  Go, Mr. David, my '22 going on 15 year old!!!!!!'

I sure hope you have moments that make you laugh, cry, and feel blessed.  I have an abundance of them.  Driving home last night, I experience sweet joy.  I spent time with loved ones and had a great time with family rejuvenating those batteries.

Sweet blessings to you!  ~Shanda~