'Stay, stay at home and rest. Homekeeping hearts are happiest.' ~ Author Unknown.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

~What are their Concerns?~

What do you suppose these women are visiting about? Weather, their gardens, children? Or maybe they are sisters and are passing the time together? I love silhouettes, and a good friend gave this card to me last year for my birthday. What a treasure I have in it! It sits near my bed, and reminds me to be productive in my day, to be industrious, and to never let time go to waste. Even as these women 'visit', they can still be busy with their hands. My father-in-law always reminds me that 'Busy hands are happy hands, Shanda', and mine always try to do good, create, and emulate kindness.

I have spent the last couple of days at home without running here and there, without doing any errands, and just enjoying my home. I have stripped an old 1970's Lane cedar chest and refinished it (photo in the next couple of posts), completed our taxes, and in the evenings have been watching the really long movie 'John Adams'. This staying at home thing could be really addicting! I am an incredible homebody, but still get out to see my neighbors, go for my country walks, and manage to get an early scout out on the weeds poking through my flower beds. Being at home makes life all the better!

It is Spring Break here, and life is good. This post is kind of a ramble of different various things, but indeed, life is good. Even though sometimes there may be a huge rain cloud bursting right over your head, there is ALWAYS something worse that could happen and we need to be thankful for those cards that we are dealt.

Be 'doing' today, and let life live in you. Find joy in your journey - today!!!!!


Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Shanda,

I love days at home like that. I love getting out and meeting friends and traveling too but I need my time at home to make me complete. I feel really sad for some people who would rather be anywhere but home. Nesting is what brings me such joy. And of course, my office where I connect with like minded women is at home so that certainly helps!

That said, I am going to enjoy this spring sunshine here in MA and meet a friend for lunch. She is so in need of some companionship so I am off to the rescue.

Have a wonderful end to your week! hugs, Linda

Jo-Anne said...

I also love staying at home. Now that my kids are older, my "running" has really slowed down. I just really enjoy puttering around my home and garden....I also love to have people come over and visit. A little trip every once in a while is fine, but coming home is always the best! :)