'Stay, stay at home and rest. Homekeeping hearts are happiest.' ~ Author Unknown.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

~ 'Tis my new laundry soap container and other makeovers.....~

Whoa! it feels so good to have a working computer back - actually it was our external modem that died. I blog on a Mac, so normally I don't have 'issues' - I can really blame it on the modem. And it is SO very blustery and wet here this evening, but oh how I love it!!! Nothing like soup in the crockpot when it is raining and cold outside.....

I have been busy! Have had my laundry soap 'bucket' done for awhile. It is kinda cute sitting on my dryer holding my laundry soap. Who wants to see a Tide box? My laundry room is right off my kitchen, so it gets a lot of foot traffic and I just had an inkling one day to do something about the Tide box that was obstructing my view - have you ever noticed how BRIGHT a Tide box is? It can cause you to loose sleep at night! Ugh - this is definitely more primitive friendly. Bright vs. Bucket - hmmmmmm.....

Also, I have been working on a shelf I bought clear back in mid summer with a 40% coupon from Michaels. It holds my woolens in my sewing room and I love the colors - the shelf is Olde Pewter from Old Century Colors and when you organize by color all that wool - it became very 'hue friendly!' I hardly use any other brand of paint these days. The colonial paint hues are just gorgeous! Anyway, here it is 'Before' - I almost forgot to take a photo and remembered as I started painting it:

And After:

And here it is in my messy (can you say "Christmas Projects") sewing room:

I am hooking a rug that is a Maggie Bononomi design, and will be looking for a few more green and blue wools. This room probably looks a little familiar from one of my posts clear back in 'March..ish'. It became my sewing room and yep, gets quite a bit of use. My kids are getting older, sad to say, so when Friday and Saturday nights come around and Sarah, my daughter, is either working at the pizza parlor or out with friends, you can find me in here. Our son David is on a two year LDS mission, so he is not living at home at the present. I have always made it my policy to wait up for my kids to come home from a late night out, and it is easier if I am working on a fun project. An added plus is that my kids know I am waiting for them, so they know not to be late! So needless to say, this is my 'hang out joint.'

Makeovers I still need to paint, including 8 wooden bowls that are next in line for a makeover - meet the laundry/makeover room:

So much to paint and so little time. No more thrift store shopping for me until I get this pile under control!!!!!

Do you ever have something you put out on the horizon so you have something to look forward to? It could be a shopping trip, or a day with the girls, or maybe you really look forward to a day trip with your husband. Once a month I drive to Kuna, Idaho and quilt from 6 until midnight with some very fun ladies:

I so look forward to my quilting nights. There is food, giggles, and things accomplished that I can't get done at home. I am also planning a trip to Sycamore, Illinois next week for Pumpkin Fest and quality family time with relatives. I will have a special post on that later. We all need to create our 'escapes'. Promise yourself one, even if it is to the bathtub for a really quiet, hot soak in the tub! In this economy, SIMPLE PLEASURES RULE!!!!

Last but certainly not the least, look at these beautiful quilt blocks my favorite aunt found for me at a garage sale this summer! Aren't they the best? Don't know how I am going to finish these yet, but there are 13 of them:

I can hardly wait to start in on these beauties after the holidays. I can see them appliqued on some really tea stained muslin or darker tan fabric, or even on a simple shirting. Can't quite decide yet. I need time to let this decision stew in my mind.

That's all for now ladies. Hope all is well in your neighborhood and you can see the blessings in your life. It is time to hunker down for the Fall and Winter - all kinds of projects await!

Wishes for a blessed day!



Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Morning Sanda,

HUM....I am thinking my background didn't load fully so that is why you didn't see the words. When I click on your blog, it starts out a solid color and then your pretty fall background loads and the center is tan. Mine is the same way and the middle is a light tan so the words do show. You might need to click refresh? If for some reason your computer still won't load it, you can go to your dashboard and read it in google reader.

Love the Olde Century color you chose on your make over. Their colors are awesome. I also love the Historic Colors of Benjamin Moore paints too.

I too like to plan something to look forward to. A night with friends doing something you love sounds perfect!! What a joy!

Have a great Wednesday!

Christine said...

Oh, your craft room is to DIE for! So big and spacious! I'd be hanging out there too! I love the color of your shelf, and will have to hunt down some of that Old Century paint. What a lucky find in those quilt blocks!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors! I'm not a quilter (at least not yet) but if I saw those sitting at a yard sale, I would have to have them and give quilting a shot!


Linda said...

Make sure you post your finished hooked rug of Maggie's. I love hooking her patterns; she has great colors. Linda, thepinkeep.blogspot.com

Janene said...

I love that color of paint...it looks amazing on that shelf with all the wool!
Your craft room is awesome! I would love to have something similar to your...maybe someday!
Your laundry room looks good too...why can't I get mine to look as nice? It sure would make doing laundry more fun!

In His service, Anne said...

Love the shelf, and love the craft/sewing room..umm I'm not suppose to covet!!! I love your home- and always looking forward to those "little" things around here too!!

Gayle said...

I'm laughing because you think your sewing room is messy - you should see MINE! LOL

Hope you'll share some pictures of your hooked rug while you're working on it - I love to see them as they progress. You have a nice collection of wool!

Hope your missionary is doing good - mine is!

basketsnprims said...

Your craft room is awesome!!