'Stay, stay at home and rest. Homekeeping hearts are happiest.' ~ Author Unknown.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

~Tis National 'Wear An Apron Day'!~

Now this is a holiday that I can get into! Clean or dirty...... store bought or handmade....... frilly or simple...... aprons are just the best!!!!!! They have so many uses, but two of my favorites are to snuggle little children in when they come to you with little 'ouchies', and the articles that one can find in the pocket of an apron. These are better than what you could discover about someone by going through their purse. Pockets of aprons carry so many telling things. I have an apron I wear all the time when I am home. In the pocket of my apron this morning is a semi-clean tissue, some Chapstick, kernels of chicken scratch, and a quarter I found on the road out to my mailbox a few weeks ago. Must mean that I am boring - nothing but common items in my apron pockets.

My mother recently gave me a treasure that I will always cherish. 'Back in the Day', when she was in high school, apparently they gave out pins for 'homemaking' class. When she was a senior she earned this pin for attending all four years of homemaking education. The pin attaches in two places - and creates a chain in between in which two other charms slide - a key charm and a scroll charm. This is one of my favorite earthly possessions and I let it reside on my apron. I just love it!
Call me sentimental, old-fashioned, or just a plain simpleton, but I wish they had these programs still. Our children need to learn these things at home, but there are some that would benefit from homemaking classes during their schooling years.

So go put on an apron - and celebrate 'National Wear an Apron Day!' You might just feel a little more domestic in your duties today!

Blessings on your apron wearing day ~ Shanda


kuna granny said...

Thanks for your post today! I love aprons and have several that hang in my kitchen but my favorite is the one that my sister made me with a darling chicken print fabric.
My favorite memory of aprons is about my children's great-grandmother Vickie. She always wore aprons and as she got older and let's say less observant we would find her with 3 or 4 aprons on. Evidently she knew enough to put on a clean apron but not aware that she forgot to take the dirty one off. I loved that about her! I hope that someday my great-grandchildren will find me in my apron as well. And if I have 3 or 4 on they will just love me more!

Pamela@ Our Pioneer Homestead said...

Love your blog!

Never So Simple said...

I love aprons also. They remind me of my Grandma and her Sunday dinners. She always had her apron on.


Kori Vincent "Prmitive Paintings" said...

How did I miss this. I love aprons. Not anything new. I love the vintage ones. I have a nice little collection.
Love the post.