'Stay, stay at home and rest. Homekeeping hearts are happiest.' ~ Author Unknown.

Monday, March 5, 2012

~Tis Everyday Life Snippets~

We are back from the beautiful mountains of Idaho, a wonderful quilting retreat weekend, and inspiration.  Now to use these gleaned experiences in our everyday life.  Sarah and I were blessed with wildlife and beautiful scenery, and I spent time down memory lane as this is where I grew up.  There is beauty that I had forgotten about in my childhood, both physical beauty and beautiful memories.  We happened upon some elk resting by the Salmon River and snapped their photo. 

The rest of the weekend we worked (played) at getting our projects done.  This is a quilt that I taught at the retreat - I so enjoyed all the ladies and their interactions!

My daughter literally camped out at the sewing machine hoping to get her diaper bag done, and she did!  Now I have to brag a bit - Sarah refuses to follow sewing pattern directions and has very little sewing experience.  All of a sudden, she has blossomed and made all sorts of things, but as her mother I am most impressed with her diaper bag - 8 ROWS OF RUFFLES ON THAT BABY!!!!!  She did GREAT!

And the side pocket was her invention - all the pockets were on the inside, but she had to add one on both the outer sided for keys and bottles.  Way to go, Sarah!

 A while ago, I finished my very own 'grandma' receiving blanket.  It is so old fashioned - I love it!  I cannot wait to hold little baby Emma in it.  I crocheted all the way around the edges and it is double thickness, so grandma and granddaughter can cuddle together in warmth and comfort. 

And lastly, our son, David!  He is off track right now from BYU-Idaho working in the Florida Keys until the end of August for the Boy Scouts of America doing everything from teaching Merit Badges on snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing, to taking inventory in the kitchen and scout store.  Anyway, during last Winter Term, he attended the "Jane Austen Yule Ball".   You guessed it. This is an annual  '18th Century, wear period costume, know how to dance the dances, use your proper manners and do lots of curtsies' kind of affair at the college.  He came home one weekend and told me he had been asked, and I had a little less than 48 hours to make a costume.  He said "Mom, I know you can make me look good!"  Uugghhh!  What is a mother to do?  This is not something you can go rent from a tuxedo rental store.  So I pulled an all-nighter, sewed him up some period duds, and he made it to the dance.  I HAD to put something together.  I would rather be up all night sewing him a Mr. Darcy outfit than be up all night getting him out of jail.  It thrilled me to the fingertips that he even wanted to go.  I can sacrifice sleep for that!

And his date!  Oh, so perfect!  Both of them made the other look great.  This photo was taken in her apartment before they left for the dance and sent to us via cell phone.  I love technology at times like this!

This is all for now.  I have to admit, that while I was at the quilting retreat, I was inspired to pick up my cross stitch again and finish some projects.  I was inspired to work on being a better person, and I was impressed to enjoy nature a bit more.  Beauty is all around, especially in our everyday moments!  Be 'in the moment' with your loved ones!



Penny said...

Wow! Love that diaper bag! What a great job your daughter did on that! I also love the blanket you made to cuddle up with your granddaughter. Beautiful fabric....
And your son and his date looked marvelous -- what a nice-looking couple they are! You did a great job on his costume.... and her dress is just lovely!
Glad you enjoyed your weekend retreat -- I'm sure it was just wonderful to be back to your old stomping grounds.....
Have a good week.....

frontporchprims said...

You did an awesome job on the costume!!! How fun to attend a ball like that. -Steph-

Rachel said...

I just found your blog and did some snooping - love the ruffled diaper bag, so adorable, love that you spent an all nighter sewing for Mr Darcy, and I LOVE and ADORE that civil war quilt! Oh my, it is beautiful! It also cracks me up about the cartridge case - check that one of your bucket list. Who would have thought to use one as a purse?!?!
Thanks for the inspiration!