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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meet Goldie and my Quilting Studio

This is my quilting studio - I spend several hours here each day quilting, mixing colors, and in a sense, creating. Goldie was the name of my great-grandmother who liked to sew, and I feel a kindred relationship with her. So I named my quilting machine 'Goldie', in her honor.

My quilting studio is right off the main entrance to our home - notice all the quilts on the church pew? Those are some of the quilts that need to be quilted in the next few weeks.

Today, though, I am working on creating a quilt top. I like to make quilts that are scrappy, or look just like grandma would have made them , with what she had on hand. Here is a block from the quilt I am currently working on:

I am also working on a cross stitch sampler that is the alphabet:

It doesn't look like this yet, I only have the middle three rows stitched, but I also love to cross stitch. I have so many projects! And they are started, I just get so excited to start them and I want to finish them all, but you know how it is - 'you can't have just one'.

I think I will go get started on finishing my basket quilt. One good day and it would be ready for quilting. Dinner tonight is left over spaghetti. It should be 45 and sunny today.

Blessings on your day.


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Doreen said...

Goldie is lovely as is your studio and the things you are working on right now..I especially love the cross stitch:)