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Thursday, February 19, 2009

~ Some Precious Girl Time in Wisconsin! ~

~ The Girls in Wisconsin ~ Cousin Diane, Aunt Lynn, Audra, daughter Sarah, me, and mother! ~

I know we just celebrated Valentine's Day, but I need to digress just a bit. Over the Christmas holidays, my daughter and I were able to take a train trip from Salt Lake City, Utah, across the plains to Illinois. Oh, my ~ how gorgeous our America is!!!! Especially all snowy and white. Over the rocky mountains was beautiful during the daylight hours, and then at night, crossing the plains, christmas lights galore!!!! Barns, silos, houses...... so many lights lit up the night. And in the morning I awoke to the most torential snow storm somewhere in the eastern part of Iowa, but my ..... it was a simple pleasure to be on that train, chugging along, listening to christmas music on my iPod and looking out the big window at the snow storm. Very soothing and nostalgic, actually. Wow!

Anyway, my mother, dear heart that she is, took a car load of us family girls and went to a dream quilt shop in Spring Green, Wisconsin, called Country Sampler of Spring Green. The shop was filled with Chistmas spirit, smells, decorations, and inspiration enough to last through five christmas seasons. This was a day of pure delight to me - I bought projects to last me for two years and met Cousin Diane, who I had never met before. We went to lunch, visited, and laughed . I shall never forget these moments. Thank you for making this day possible, all of you! These are the moments that last, these are the things that are important. These are the simplest of pleasures!

Coming up next post..... making colonial brown sugar cones!


Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

OH would you believe it is my dream to take a train trip across the rockies? I have been there by car growing up and flew over them twice but I love trains and want to travel that way some day. Several years ago while recuperating from surgery I watched a PBS show all about it and I was hooked. And then to end up with family like that, what a wonderful wonderful trip! Lucky lucky you!

my3Kitties said...

I just found your blog regarding Country Sampler...one of my all time favorite quilts shops! i live about 40 minutues away & try to get their as opften as i can! Jeannie the owner is the best ever!!! I just love her primitive quilts, she's coming out w/a new fabric line soon, can't wait for that....any ways, love your blog & happy stitching!!! Tammy