'Stay, stay at home and rest. Homekeeping hearts are happiest.' ~ Author Unknown.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

~I'm an Early Weekend Warrior at the Thrift Store~

Sometimes you find things at the thrift store, and sometimes you don't. Wednesday, I did. I found two WONDERFUL things. This quilt was $8. Fairly good condition. Even if I cut it up for projects, it is a great find. I sure wish these thrift store finds could talk. Who wrapped up in this? Who made it? It was quilted by hand, so who is lacking a quilt stitched by their grandmother? Was it made out of the families old shirts, dresses, or other household odds and ends? Where did it originate from? See, all these questions need to be answered! While I was looking around, there was a BEAUTIFUL old photograph, at least 10x12, of a small child dressed in what I would guess was baptismal clothes. Who in the world let that out of the family possessions? Family heirlooms need to be treated with respect and handed down to those who can be trusted. My heart breaks for these family items that are reduced to the level of being sold in a thrift store.


Legs are already screwed off and this one has a real nice 'hinged' lid. Makeover photo forthcoming, but I couldn't stand it, I wanted to show it to you. This is the biggest size firkin in my collection to date, so authentic or not, I am very excited to have it.

Thursday Night I met my friend Pam for dinner, and look at the goodies she had for me!!!!

She bid on these at a silent auction at her workplace. Two geese, the wooden hayfork, and a cool peg board. Not sure where all of these are going yet, but they are going to be finding great homes throughout my house. Thanks, Pam!!!!

I am so very grateful for family and friends. Simple pleasures always rate the highest with me, and I am mindful of the joy that small events bring me. Today I inspected my budding fruit trees, used a new flour sack dishtowel to dry my dishes, and marveled at the beauty of my VERY pregnant friend, Kim. All of these moments in my day, and others, give me true happiness. It is the simple abundance in my life, and that fact that I recognize it, that makes me sleep peacefully at night and feel fulfilled. For this, I recognize my Heavenly Father's hand in everything. May we all recognize from whom our blessings flow!!!



Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Hi Shanda! Love the quilt!!! Your other treasures as well!
I agree with you, I love thr simple pleasures! :-D
Enjoy your day

At Home With Amy said...

Your quilt is wonderful and great score on the firkin. You got some great things from Pam. I love the hayfork. Where are you going to hang it?
Enjoy your week,
Hugs, AMY

Anonymous said...

Hey Shanda, I'm sure you don't remember me but you taught a punchneedle class I was in. Just wanted to know where you thrift shop in Boise/Meridian? I've wanted to look for finds too but don't know where to go. Just let me know, my blog is kyleandsunnymorrell.blogspot.com. Thank you! And thanks for the great blog, I love reading it and your other links!

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Love that firkin! Can't wait to see your redo!