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Friday, May 8, 2009

~ An Amazing Bunch of Mothers!!! ~

Sarah, Shanda, and mother Linda

There have been many women in my life that have shaped me into who I am, and I can say that they are mothers themselves. My mother is the first most amazing woman in my life! She is so very supportive of all I do and very compassionate to those around her. She serves others without any selfishness, and taught me the principle of perseverance.

My Aunt Lynn (FA - stands for Favorite Aunt) is so very caring to what is going on in my life. She remembers the smallest of details and makes the best dips in the world!!!! Always accommodating and easiest to be around. She is a very rare person indeed.

My Aunt Betty has always been the one in our family to be the rock. She never waivers in the face of adversity, and always lets her light shine as a beacon to save harbor. Her homemade sloppy joes and vegetable soup are second to none!

My Kool-Aide mom, Sharon Solaas, had forever shaped me with lessons from 4-H and being the neighborhood bus stop. From running her Bed and Breakfast to raising a flock of chickens, and from the Baker Busy Bee Quilt Guild to lessons of eating rutabeggas, she has taught many people life skills. Summer kool-aide stands, Barbies, and floating the Baker Ditch are all more rich memories because of her influence.

Many other women including my Daughter Sarah, Aunt Carol, Cousin Audra, Girlfriend Nicole, Childhood Friend Linette, and 8th Grade Literature Teacher Mrs. McCallum, have had a turn at the potters wheel of molding me. Their examples have been without merit and priceless. My life is rich indeed, and I owe that to the women in my life. Mother's Day is one of my favorite holidays each year. And we wouldn't have it without some truely amazing women!!

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