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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

~ The ULTIMATE in Thrift Store Finds!~

'Old pillows, can you tell me where you have been?'

Wow! I had a great day yesterday at the TS!!!! Check out my most thrilling find (and sorry for the photo of the messy garage).....
It is a full size pencil post bed! This is a huge project for me to refinish, but I think it will look great stressed finished in black. And then I need to make the colonial curtains and all for it, give me until the Fall. 'How Much' you ask? Don't hate me and never visited my blog again, but I only paid $12.50 for it! My heart was palpitating in the store hoping it was all there, and it was. I don't think I slept that night for the thrill of it all!!!!

And I found this cute basket for $1

and this Pig Platter for .75 cents. It has a raised embossed pig on it and I think it will be perfect for serving Easter Ham.....
But what to do with this? Not the shade, I do have a home for that and I didn't get that at the TS, it just happened to be in the photo, but the fluted pan. Any ideas?

I have been busy quilting, 'tis the time of year for weddings, graduations, and baby showers. It is a good thing I don't have or watch a lot of TV.

My thought question this week, not that I have one each post, but my thought question is 'Where do you sit to ponder the things in life?' I have a beautiful set of adirondack chairs on my front porch, and I sit there to relax, ponder, stitch, read, write in my gratitude journal, visit, listen to the birds, and in general, live. I shall post a photo next post or two, when it is nice outside to take a photo. It is getting to be that time of year when I can spend hours out there. I have had such a wonderful time visiting TS though this past week, that I have a feeling I am going to be spending time there this summer 'sanding' things. I also found couple of nice pairs of candlesticks that need to be sanded and painted. I am saving those for before and after photos. I LOVE it when you fellow bloggers show before and after photos side by side. Gives me so many ideas!!! So anyway, do you have a 'favorite spot'? We all have them I am afraid. Inside? Outside? Favorite refreshment while you are relaxing there? Is it the same place year 'round, or does it depend on the weather? Does someone else know about it and try to get there first, before you?

Gotta dash. The family is starting to arrive home from the days activities. I have asked so many questions this blog post, does anyone have any ideas for dinner?


Evening Shade Morning Latte said...

Hey there ~ thanks for following my blog. As soon as I clicked on your link I immediately called Hubby to the room...is that banner a photo of your home? It is gorgeous!!!!!

I am definitely going to add you to my friends page as there are lots of great posts here. I'm so glad we found each other.

~Blessings & Warm Cozy Wishes

Janene said...

I love all that you found!
The pig platter is my fave!!!
I ponder outside on my back deck! A lot!! Maybe too much!

Anonymous said...

Shanda, I just love your new blog format. I am jealous of all your TS finds. Good seeing you today. I like to ponder with a nice cup of tea...so soothing.

Sarah said...

Shanda, love the bed! WHICH TS did you find it at?
SITTING and PONDERING??? Maybe I'm not at that phase of life yet. I usually am pondering many things at a time whilst running many places at a time. You probably saw evidence of that this evening as all the animals and children were escaping into the yard when you were here!

Karen said...

Okay, now I've been reading blogs for some time now and going over everyone's new found treasures but I have to say THIS IS THE BEST ONE YET....the price was...well, they just gave it away!!!! And lucky you!
It's going to be beautiful refinished and especially black.

The American Homemaker said...

Wow! What an amazing find!

Karen said...

Hi Shanda, I know I posted above but I want to thank you for commenting on my blog - you are so sweet. I think Geraniums are the best flower for indoor decorating - they just add a touch in any room.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Oh, my goodness you really hit the jackpot with the bed!!! It will be so nice when it's done in black:)
I've added you to my favs I enjoyed my visit:)

Farmhouse Primitives said...

Shanda, I cannot believe the buy you made on this bed!!! You are the "most blessed shopper of the year" winner for sure! Love your blog template too! Thanks for following me on my blog.........'cause now I can enjoy yours too. Take care!!

ctrwisely said...

Shanda! I just read through each of your blogs...I have to say "take me shopping with you"!!! I have my eyes on a pencil post bed at a furniture store...$1,000. Would rather pay what you did!!! $12.50? That's quite a find. I love what you did with everything!
Miss you!!!! Hugs to the family!